Karen Braun

La Mancha Films

Karen Braun - VP of LaMancha Films 2008-2009

At LaMancha Films we create Independent Films that inspire us. We are looking to create new and original movies. This summer we completed our first movie called INDIGO which was a suspense/thriller that we created on zero budget!  We worked with talented individuals and created a movie that we are all very proud of. We are now looking to raise money to create a new film!

  "Mondays" was completed and was sent to film festivals in 2009

Cast of "Mondays" includes
Sara Kubida
Michael Kavalus
Claire Levin
Rob Bradford
Reid Andres
Karen Braun

Previous Films
INDIGO: A drug-addicted photographer attempts to set his life back on the right course by taking "The perfect picture." Little does he realize, hidden in his picture is evidence of a crime he cannot begin to fathom. As he begins to unravel the mystery, he is ensnared in a web of murder, sex, drugs, and lies, and he finally discovers the true answer to the question, "What is art?"
FEATURING:: Aidan Schultz-Meyer, Vanessa Velasquez, Alyssa Grace, Michael Henrici, Skyler Pinkterton, Sara Kubida, Jonas Cohen, Amy Bohaker, Keith Panzarella, Marc Lico, John Hawthorne Smith, Christine McKenna, Karen Braun, Nichole Coulon, Eimear Kenny, Tim Williams, Caitlin Gold